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    • Animal Fall Toxins

      Fall Toxins Poisonous to Dogs and Cats

      Oct 21 2014

      Mushrooms, mothballs, antifreeze, rodenticides, compost bins and red maple leaves are all toxic to dogs and cats. Learn more about these fall pet poisons.

    • Dog Aggresion

      Social/Dominance Agression

      Sept 11 2014

      Aggression: The number one reason why animals are given up to the shelter or euthanized. Aggression can be a very scary thing to see, but knowing the reason behind the aggression can give you a better understanding of why your pet acts the way it does and in most cases with time and consistency, the behavior can be modified.

    • Human medication toxic to pets

      Common Human Medications That Are Poison Pets

      June 17 2013

      Although pet parents are well aware of poisons lurking around their home, many don’t realize that some of the biggest culprits are sitting right on their own nightstands. In 2007, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center received 89,000 calls related to pets ingesting over-the-counter and prescription medications. To help you prevent an accident from happening, our experts have created a list of the top 10 human medications that most often poison our furry friends.

    • stem cell therapy for pets

      Stem Cell Therapy for arthritis and pain

      May 7 2013


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